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Monday, March 15th, 2010

Remember this always: The living of your own life writes the book of your most sacred truth, and offers evidence of it.

Neale Donald Walsch

Tomorrow’s God

Monday, February 15th, 2010

I am delighted to be a part of Virginia Spiegel’s TOTE TUESDAY, offering a tote that I entitled ‘I Felt It’ as a tongue in cheek reference to self breast exam. I shopped my stash for a great variety of fibers to get anyone excited to needle felt . I was having trouble getting around to sending the information to Virginia when I learned that my dear friend Teri Springer was dealing with breast cancer. So I am offering this tote in support of Teri and the American Cancer Society. I’m having trouble getting the picture of the contents to load, so head over to Virginia’ blog to see it.

Closing the Circle

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

I have been reading Deepak Chopra’s book “The Book of Secrets:unlocking the hidden dimensions of your life”. He talks about closing the circle: noticing, responding, sending the response out into the world. He talks about a sunset-some don’t notice, some notice, and some notice and respond to the beauty. I create my art in private, noticing the beauty of the moment. While that is enough for some, I need to close the circle, send the work into the world, and have it seen. Finding my audience.

Debra Basham and Joel Bowman completed a circle for me by asking to use the image of my painted, quilted, beaded piece ‘Heart Gate’ on their CD, ‘Pre and Post Surgical Support’:
Pre- and Postsurgical Support: “Pre- and Postsurgical Support” is a two CD set, a trance induction by Debra using the “Heart Chakra Meditation” by Karunesh as background music, and a CD in MP3 format designed for use during surgery, chemotherapy, dialysis, or other extended medical procedures. This CD set is a powerful tool, especially when used in conjunction with the techniques described in the training manual for this program. The set is $25, plus sales tax and shipping. Heart Chakra Meditation is used by permission, production rights and copyrights 2008 (1992) Karunesh Music, publishing rights Global Spirit Music KM001. Heart Gate, the inspiration for the cover, by mixed media artist, Carol L. Myers, is used by permission. Visit to enjoy more of Carol’s amazing work.

Available here

Debra and Joel do amazing work, and I have been taking classes from them in neurolinguistic programing to great benefit. Besides, they are wonderful people.

I had the wonderful gift of closing the circle by gifting the actual piece to Debra-that warms my heart, closing the circle with love and appreciation!

watercolor on fabric

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

Even with all of the watercolor painting, I’m drawn to work on fiber. I pour watercolor paint through various materials-coffee filters, kleenex, paper towels-to get textures and background color. Not only do I hate to wait for everything to dry, but I hate to waste all of that good pigment! So on the left is the piece of fabric that I used to blot some of the drying paper towels.I printed a woodcut print of a tree on top of the watercolor background.

Breaking the Silence

Friday, February 13th, 2009

This blog has been idle, but I haven’t! I’m finally getting past the writer’s block that had me stopped in my tracks.

I’ve been busy chairing a gallery committee in the Stutz Business Center in Indianapolis where I have my studio. It is an old car  factory that is home to 70-80 artists and many businesses. 
Not only that, but I have been not only printing and working with fiber, but I’m doing WATERCOLOR!!! Who knew? Never thought I’d see the day.
The piece above is 6″x8″ and is in the show ‘Heart” at the StutzArtSpace Gallery.
I’ve also finished two print editions for 2 different print exchanges. More on that later.

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

January Retreat

Thursday, January 17th, 2008

Well, I started my January retreat a few weeks late. My goal, as it is every January, is to watch Paw Paw Lake freeze-anything else is gravy. I am LOVING the solitude, bird watching, journaling, and generally chilling out. 

This is the second year here in Watervliet, MI and I have added friends and a cooperative art gallery-Chartreuse Coop in St. Joseph, MI to my experience. On tuesday, two of my new art friends came over to play with gelatin plate printmaking. I was having way too much fun to take pictures, then suddenly everyone was gone. So here are the after pictures. Until my ‘studio’ across the street is insulated enough to heat in the winter, I ‘m using the little cottage next to the house to do my messy work in. It is also inhabited by my adoptive cat, Chloe, who helped us with our projects by demanding attention regularly, and swiping glasses when she couldn’t get our attention.
Well, I’m not sure how to reorganize my photos, but here they are. The gelatin plate prints that I did were on paper and interfacing-the later are the ones in the picture.

New work-prints on fabric

Thursday, January 3rd, 2008

My first upload with my new Mac- I wasn’t sure I would be able to do it.
These are some of the works that I created for my solo show in August at the Indianapolis Art Center, 2007. I am printing collagraphs on fabric, then quilting and embellishing them. The printing plates were made with pizza cardboard rounds and acrylic medium and various textures. My family ate lots of pizza until I realized I could buy the cardboard in the cake decorating section of craft store.

Tree clip art for Liz N.

Friday, February 9th, 2007

Here is some of the clip art that shows bare trees from the top. These are scanned out of the book, “Entourage: a tracing files for Architecture and Interior Design Drawing” There is permission in the front of the book to copy, trace or transfer however you choose to use the images. They sure make some neat patterns.

January Retreat in Michigan

Monday, January 22nd, 2007

I’ve been hanging out in Michigan for the month of January. I’ve been looking forward to this month-long retreat forever, it seems. In August, we bought a home overlooking Paw Paw Lake in SW Michigan. The town of Watervliet is a short drive from Benton Harbor and Lake Michigan. My only stated goal, this month, was to watch the lake freeze. Don’t know if it will, but I’m having a great time watching the birds and the lake. Here is a picture from earlier this month. It’s the view out of my window, where we have a living room/dining room/studio(don’t let my DH see that last description!)
Today brings snow flurries and a large area of white ?slush on the lake. I’ve been mostly indulging myself, sleeping and eating and working whenever I choose. Also exploring and taking pictures. I’ve been journaling and looking for a calm center to begin working from. Just today, the inspiration seems to finally coming.
I was interested to see on the quiltart list June Underwood’s description of a long series of work with the focus of a particular landscape. I also watched a PBS documentary on Cezanne and how he focused on the landscape of Provance. Enviously, I searched my mind for a focus that I could use to work on-and realized that I already have a focus, it’s just not the same. I have been working with circles and shrines since the tsunami two years ago, and realize that these are really my focus. I can build on my own personal imagery rather than feeling like I need to choose something concrete like landscape. Perhaps it is more difficult to measure success of work when it does not have a concrete beginning, or a recognizable framework. But I’m feeling really buzzed now that I have settled on this realization. So it’s off on a long series for me. I’m already feeling like I need to get back to Indy and my printing press and do some serious printing on fabric-to create the fiber pieces that are beginning to dance in my head. This is good!