Dreams do come true

I don’t remember the year that I found the magazine ‘Stone Voices’ by Shanti Arts, but I do remember the magical time spent lingering over the beautifully printed images and reading the words of artists writing about art and spirit. The  layout was spacious and the images were enhanced by the quality of the paper and the printing. I always dreamed of seeing my own work in this stunning publication.

When I subscribed to ‘Stone Voices’, I also subscribed to their online gallery, Still Point Arts Gallery. I watched the calls for entry come and go in my inbox. It never seemed the right time or theme to enter. In the spring of 2015,when I noticed the call for the quarterly show, the time was finally right. I entered a portfolio and won Best of Show for Portfolio. You can see a picture of it here. When I was asked to submit a portfolio, biography and artist statement for print, I asked about submitting it to ‘Stone Voices’. However, this was the year that the two publications merged into ‘Still Point Arts Quarterly’. The merged journal was still about Art, Nature and Spirit and just as beautifully produced. Last Spring it took me six weeks of hard work and lots of hand wringing to write the Biography and Artist Statement. I also had to assemble the images in the correct format. And to my wonder, my portfolio is featured in the Spring 2016 issue!  My encaustic monotypes  are artfully arranged, with my words carefully woven around the images.The images are beautifully and accurately printed. And the words, written a year ago, still ring true.


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  1. Für den Anwendung eines Fellsattels gibt es keine direkten Restriktionen, aus diesem Grund ist er in der Regel für alle Pferderassen geeignet. Da es Fellsättel in unterschiedlichsten Variationn gibt, kann er fernerhin problemlos bei einem kleinen Pony eingesetzt werden. Es ist hingegen dennoch lohnend, die verschiedenen Modelle der Erzeuger beieinander zu kontrastieren. So zeigen die Fertiger Christ ebenso wie Eclipse einen angenähten D-Ring für die Aufhängung der Steigbügel an, während bei bspw. Grandeur die Steigbügel aufgeklettet werden.

  2. Kristina says:

    Carol, your work is serene and beautiful. I definitely see and feel you in your art. Thank you for sharing it with the world. It’s just what we need.

  3. Congratulations and thank you for sharing your light with our world

  4. Amanda Myers says:

    Can’t wait to get my copy! So proud of you, congratulations!


    • Love the new project. I bet it would look awesome on some of the afghans and throws I’ve worked on… It’d be great to have that loomed edge instead of a crochet edge… then it would be an all loomed project.

    • Hombre ! Soulage peint avec nombre de brosses que parfois il a lui même conçues.Par ailleurs évitez de comparez les tableaux noirs du maître au tableau blanc de Reza. Ce boulevard « chic » et « bobo » n’est qu’une charge lourde et démagogique contre l’art contemporain et ne vaut pas tripette…

    • Lovely knitting -that grape colour is gorgeous. I love the idea of socks being fraternal twins – so cool. In New York there was a whole sock store devoted to that idea called “Miss Match” – I bought lots of fraternal twins home to Australia with me.

    • Marina Pulkkinen kirjoitti:Olen miettinyt vuosien saatossa sinua toisinaan, miten olet saanut käyttää kykyjäsi taiteen alalla. Muistelen että suunnittelin logon kotimaiselle kalalle? Tai ainaskin osallistuit kisaan – taisi olla rahapalkinto jos voitto tuli… Muistuuko mieleen??

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