Flights of Art My goodness, I can’t believe my last posting date was in June!! I’ve been working very hard towards a show in Bloomington, IN at the John Waldron Art Center. It is very satisfying to see a body of work come to fruition. If you want to see the info, go to HOWEVER, I have learned NOT to ask for the obvious. I asked my husband and family to tune down the drama. HA! Two cars bought, one sold, son to doctor,family camping to ‘get out of my hair’, a long time family fur child over the rainbow bridge, and it goes on and on. Hope I survive this show!! I’ve even been working on my website, just haven’t had the time to upload the changes. Oh, and I got a piece accepted in ‘Best of SAQA’. I’ll try to find it and upload it. Meanwhile, I’m done for the day and enjoying looking over the fruits of my labor!

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