A New Website is Coming

I am SO excited. After waiting for my DS to make time for a rewrite of my site (he has written lots for me!!) I’ve decided to have Gloria Hanson and GloDerworks do it for me. I have been looking at all of the sites that she has designed-they seem infused with light, glowing and appealing to visit. So now, I just have to get everything written and together. I keep thinking that my next work will be more wonderful and worthy of the website, so at some point I’m just going to have to stop and photograph what I have, get it arranged and making sense. Scarey!

I’ve been quilting on the little canvas drawings that I made with water soluable oil pastels. I’m liking the canvas alot! (Thank you, Elizabeth Busch!!) When I have them all done, I will post them. Oh, I realize I might be able to scan them instead of photographing them. Whoohooo maybe I’ll get that done today.

Meanwhile, back to work-tea menus for the new Conrad Hilton here in town. Need a prototype.

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