And now for the hard part!

I’m getting excited about my new web site, but now I have to get myself together to write my part. Oooh, that’s hard. And I will have to get organized and get my photos taken and ready. The design of the page is glorious! I had wanted a site that glows from within, and Gloria Hansen has done it again!

I am going through a very spiritual time with my work, it seems to be coming up from my very soul. But I find it a little embarassing to speak of it. If this website is to reflect who I am as an artist, then I have to find the words to put it out there into the universe. Risky and exhillarating all at the same time. I guess I need to trust the same source spirit that my work is flowing from and through.

Meanwhile, at the Indianapolis Art Center, the enthusiasm for the fiber dept. is growing. There will be great workshops this summer, which I will post here soon. And I am also setting up a blog for the art center’s fiber faculty and class information. When I figure out what to call it, I will put the link here on the blog.

For now, however, I have to clean up my home studio, then go do the same thing in my IAC studio.The clutter is becoming overwhelming.

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  1. Indy is just up the street from me so I’m very interested in any workshops there. Will be looking forward to the info.

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