Hitting the Ground Running

I had a GREAT workshop at the Coupeville Art Center with Elizabeth Busch! I’ll have much more to say about that in a day or two, when I finish a few other pressing matters. I flew the red-eye back on friday night, slept much of Saturday, and then hit the ground running. I’m trying to finish a few pieces for a show that I’m curating and hanging (Today, eeeek). Then this evening I have a demo for the National Assoc. of Museum Directors. I just haven’t had a chance to sit down and process the whole week of workshop and travel. So I’ll be back folks, when I work my way through a pile of ‘must dos’.

Digital experiments

Flights of Art

Thanks to the help of my older son, I am slowly getting my web site up. Working on this blog has helped get past some of the fear of the medium. Now I’m hoping to be able to administer the site myself. Although it seems like this spot might be the easiest for impromptu recording of work in progress.

Flights of Art

Flights of Art

Parts of my web page are up now, thanks to the help of my son Brian-you can see the link to his page on the link bar. It’s not done, but feel free to click around and see what you think. I keep clicking on the link to my page, I can’t believe I’m finally this far!!

Defining Moments

Spring is finally in full swing here in Indianapolis. Perhaps the longer sunlight hours are fueling my creative thoughts. I passed up an opportunity to enjoy good company and the Fleece Fair on Saturday. At first, I questioned my sanity for staying home and knocking about in my sewing studio. And then I realized that what I really needed was a narrower focus. Yes, I love to felt and knit. But what I need to spend my major creative focus on includes the things I love and do best-artquilting, drawing, printmaking. And while the other forms of fiber art (and craft) are seductive, I owe it to myself to explore my unique talents. And so I didn’t buy any more fleece or yarn, but hopefully got back on my own path.

Part of that path, it turns out, will be an impromtu decision to fly (I Hate to fly) to Seattle to take a class at the Coupeville Art Center on Whidby Island with Elizabeth Busch. I have long admired her work and the painterly and graphic aspects of it. I had hoped to get to take a class with her at Split Rock, but the dates conflicted with a show that I have opening in Bloomington that same week in August. So on a lark, I looked up her teaching schedule, booked the class and a flight, and here I go!! I worried about the sewing machine requirement and traveling. Well, an early birthday present later, and I am the proud owner of a new Janome Gem Platinum that is only 12 pounds and fits in my carry on suitcase. Now I just need to figure out how to fit my laptop in there, and I’m good to go.

Tomorrow, I look forward to getting into the studio at the Art Center and starting a print that needs to be done before I fly off to the West. That idea hatched this weekend also, in this period of reflection . It feels good to be excited to get into the studio!

I did decide to pass on the Quilt Festival in Chicago, knowing full well that I would spend wayyy too much money and time, as I’ve moved up many deadlines with this trip coming up in two weeks. Glad I can hear about it on the Quiltart list! Maybe next year.

Wearing a groove on SR37

I’ve just gotten back from my first meeting of the Bloomington, IN cooperative gallery that I have just been accepted into as a member. I’m pretty excited, as it is a GREAT gallery and I’m always interested in new artist friends and their work. The only real drawback is the hour and a half drive from home in Indy down to Bloomington.

Well, that and the difficult parking. the URL if you are interested is www.gallery-north.org

More tomorrow-this week instead of printing just gelatin plates, I have been fish printing. Not too stinky yet, but soon.

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