Closing the Circle

I have been reading Deepak Chopra’s book “The Book of Secrets:unlocking the hidden dimensions of your life”. He talks about closing the circle: noticing, responding, sending the response out into the world. He talks about a sunset-some don’t notice, some notice, and some notice and respond to the beauty. I create my art in private, noticing the beauty of the moment. While that is enough for some, I need to close the circle, send the work into the world, and have it seen. Finding my audience.

Debra Basham and Joel Bowman completed a circle for me by asking to use the image of my painted, quilted, beaded piece ‘Heart Gate’ on their CD, ‘Pre and Post Surgical Support’:
Pre- and Postsurgical Support: “Pre- and Postsurgical Support” is a two CD set, a trance induction by Debra using the “Heart Chakra Meditation” by Karunesh as background music, and a CD in MP3 format designed for use during surgery, chemotherapy, dialysis, or other extended medical procedures. This CD set is a powerful tool, especially when used in conjunction with the techniques described in the training manual for this program. The set is $25, plus sales tax and shipping. Heart Chakra Meditation is used by permission, production rights and copyrights 2008 (1992) Karunesh Music, publishing rights Global Spirit Music KM001. Heart Gate, the inspiration for the cover, by mixed media artist, Carol L. Myers, is used by permission. Visit to enjoy more of Carol’s amazing work.

Available here

Debra and Joel do amazing work, and I have been taking classes from them in neurolinguistic programing to great benefit. Besides, they are wonderful people.

I had the wonderful gift of closing the circle by gifting the actual piece to Debra-that warms my heart, closing the circle with love and appreciation!

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  1. Carol, I think that as artists we do all require an audience. We like feed back – it gives us a measure of the effectiveness of our creations. However one of the things we balk at as creatives is putting ourselves out there, yet I believe our gift is to share with the world.

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