Crisis of Confidence

I’ve fallen out of my groove, lost the flow. I’ve been looking at websites, trying to get the courage to put my own up. And now I’m stalled, feeling less confident about my work than before, when it seemed to flow effortlessly.

All of the talk on quiltart and the various blogs about gelatin plate printing and messy studios inspired me into a frenzy of printing and messing. So I have some photos of my studio at the Indianapolis Art Center-not in pristine condition. IF I can get them posted.

I realize that I am soooo fortunate-I actually have two studios-one at home with my stash and sewing machines, and one at the Art Center for messy stuff, where I have my etching press. So at seems pretty silly to moan about confidence, when I just need to get to work. And by golly, that’s what I’ll do (as soon as I figure out how to get a few pictures up!

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