Introducing Blue Circle Arts

Welcome to the unveiling of my new creative home-Blue Circle Arts. When my husband Steve and I made plans to retire to Michigan, we realized that my studio needs had outgrown the small cottage across the street from my house that I had purchased a few years before. With computer plans in hand, and a willing contractor,my quaint little cottage evolved into a large and spacious studio.

Blue Circle Arts

The last time I actually named a studio, I called it Winged Arts Studio. So why Blue Circle Arts? I still have an incredible affinity for birds-even more so now, although that is a story for another time. Steve’s retirement dream was the 6 acres behind the studio that became his tree farm, which he named Blue Circle Farm. And it seemed fitting, given his gift of time and craft towards the creation of my space, that I circle in partnership. You can check out his blog here.

If you’re looking for me, chances are I’m here-creating art, watching the birds and wildlife, writing, or walking the labyrinth under the pine tree.


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