Made my day!!

My cell phone rang while I was in the car with DH (retrieving the boat trailer for the dreaded end of sailing season) and it was my good friend Carol G. I hadn’t talked to her in a blue moon. She was calling me from the Houston Quilt Market to say she was standing in front of my Best of SAQA quilt-and she had goosebumps, it was so good. Well……talk about making my day! Makes me wish I could go to Quilt Festival. Maybe another year.
I also got word that one of my quilts was accepted to Form Not Function in New Albany, IN. My, my, life is good!

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  1. I saw someone in the SAQA exhibit talking very excitedly on the phone, but can’t remember if it was by your quilt. Aren’t cell phones great! I’m glas she could call you and make your day. You know, we all should just put on phone numbers on the bottom of our quilts so we could get more calls like that LOL!

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