May in Black and White

The cooperative gallery that I belong to has issued a challenge for the month of May, to make work with the theme of Black and White. Now I have lived in Indianapolis for 26 years, and I still am taken by surprise when the traffic gets crazy and the checkered flags start to appear in the month of May. So the challenge for me has been to stay well away from the issue of the Indy 500 and really look at the design issues of black and white. It has been a good challenge.

I’ve been working on some discharge pieces, and everyone knows the difficulty of finding black that discharges to white. Word was that Walmart was the place. I try not to venture to Walmart very often-growing old in the long and tedious checkout lines is not my idea of a good time. Besides, the last few attempts found them to be out of black cotton fabric. Well, I hit the jackpot this week, and am cheerfully working on my 7 yards of black that really does discharge to white. When I get to the studio today, I’ll try to take a photo of my work in progress.

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  1. Hi Carol,

    Okay, so I’m impressed. You’ve really joined the new world. I love the work in the Gallery North picture!!! I’ll be very interested in seeing all your new work.

    Hope you’re having great fun! It looks like it.


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