Prying my eyes away from the TV

Like so many others, I have been watching the TV news in horror and sadness. I cannot even comprehend what these folks must be experiencing. Some seem able to get to the studio and work, but I feel completely stalled out and unable to really care about creative issues. I spent some time cleaning up and organizing, hopefully that will open the door to more creative endeavors.

Meanwhile, I am the featured artist this month at the cooperative gallery in Muncie, IN called Art Works. The work that I finished for the Waldron show in Bloomington went up to Muncie, so I still haven’t really had time to photograph the new work, or even live with it.

Labor Day weekend was a fun time, with my oldest daughter here visiting. She is our newest doctor in the house, so we are very proud of her. Hopefully the zoo of people and animals didn’t scare away her friend John who came to meet us all.

Some folks have been asking questions about rusting, so I plan to post some photos and instructions tomorrow for my way of doing it. I also have the start of a new print edition for my exchange with the Baren Forum. I’ll be doing a reduction woodcut, so I’ll be posting pictures of the stages of that print, and my registration setup.

That’s if I can get myself moving and away from the news!

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