Quilt National….and blog comments

Last weekend was a wonderful time in Athens, Ohio. I was at the opening of Quilt National and also attended(and was on the planning committee)the Studio Art Quilt Associates conference, The Business of Fiber Art. It was my first time for both events, and I am still on a high. I met so many people whose names I have seen on the internet. And seeing all of the fiber art and hearing all of the speakers-well, I’m on overload. Today is my work day at the co-op gallery in Bloomington, IN. It is a quiet day, so I will be looking over the QN book and reliving all of the work I saw in person.

I so appreciate all of the comments that are showing up on my blog. I have tried to reply to a couple of them by email-it doesn’t seem to work. So I guess I’m supposed to make a comment myself, which I plan on doing. Meanwhile, keep those comments comming!

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  1. Hi Carol,

    Love your work. And loved talking with you at QN. I am goofing off, wandering through the ArtfulQuiltRing and here you appeared. What joy. June

    Oh, and tomorrow (Thursday) I make my stab at talking about QN. Stab is the right word, too. J.

  2. If you get an anonymous comment, you can not reply to them, but if you get one from a blogger who is not posting anonymouly then you should be able to e-mail a response. Do you get comments sent to you as e-mails? that is a choice you can make in settings. Love your work!!

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