Stuck in between

Over three weeks since the excitement of the Stutz Open House that I chaired and participated in. The event was a success, the studio is back to working order(read messy) and I am stalled, stopped in my tracks, stale. I wonder how many artists have some plan in place to bridge the gap between show and studio? I really didn’t expect to get stuck. Of course, I never expected to have baby blues either, and after four children I knew better. So now I am faced with re-tooling my plans and visions.

First, I’m going to take some much needed R&R by taking the bird kids and myself up to Michigan and the lake house. There I will spend a week just hanging out-pictures to come-and maybe even working in the studio some.

And second, I just signed up for an encaustic¬† monoprinting¬† workshop in Santa Fe in August. As my dear son would say, ‘Woot’. I’m not much of a traveler, but I think this will get my creative juices flowing, and a change of scene will be wonderful.

I’d love to know how other artists keep moving after major events are over!



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  1. Santa Fe, WOW!! great to hear you are traveling and creating. I am working on a project with the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra and would like to send you an invitation. I know you just did Color of Music. How was that. I call this project Notable Arts.
    I have been working on some photos on fabric for a professor at Herron. Restitching and rehanging and resquaring. Some are 6 feet…
    stay cool, Daren

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