Sunday, still printing!!!

Well, here I am on Sunday morning of my working weekend-I am still printing the pages for my little tea menus. I LOVE my Epson printer. And I have found that the Avery full page labels are my best friends!! I wasn’t looking forward to wrestling with freezer paper, so I was prepared to buy as many labels as I needed. It turns out you can keep reusing the labels, and it is SO much easier to stick them to the fabric than to iron and cut freezer paper. I think I’m in love. And they are the right size and feed through the printer like a dream. One more page to print, and I’ve already gotten some of them started. So next comes the assembly.

I’m in my home sewing studio (as opposed to my print and paint and messy studio at the Indianapolis Art Center) with skylights and windows to let the wonderful sunshine in!

And my own special joy-it is the beginning of nesting season, so I can watch the perigrene falcons downtown and the screech owls out in Texas as they raise there feathered families. I’m sure, at some point, that there is a bird series in me. But first, tea menus.

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