The show is Up in Bloomington,IN

I’m relieved and happy to have gotten the three person show at the John Waldron Art Center in Bloomington, IN up and opened. The crowd was modest for a hot summer evening, but lots of good comments from viewers. The details for the Art Center are on their website, . I’ll get another look at it this week when I drive to Bloomington for my shift at the coop gallery, Gallery North on the Square. Maybe get some pictures. It was a pretty intense working time this summer, now I just need to keep my momentum going. As it is, there were at least 3 large pieces that didn’t get finished-no, make that5. So I still have lots of work to keep me going, plus a need and interest to do some printmaking on paper as well as fabric.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to learn html and work on the Art IN Hand Gallery website that my son Brian started me out on. My, you can fiddle for hours, and that’s just updates. Hopefully I’ll learn enough to make it faster.

The photo above is titled “Ancient Site” and was accepted into “The Best of SAQA” to be exhibited in Houston this year.

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  1. I hope to get to your show before it closes. I have 2 other field trips on my list before the end of Sept. and I know I’m pushing it, but hey, life is short, might as well make it sweet 🙂

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