Transitions-Is my voice changing?

For me, this is a season of many transitions. In a year, my husband of 40 years will retire, taking us to the Michigan home that we have been living in part time for 5 years. Moving focus from the city to lakeside living is transition enough. Artistically, I am wondering if my 'voice' is changing.

Let me elaborate. While I call myself a mixed media artist, printmaking has been a major focus. Then, about 20 years ago, I felt I found my voice in fiber. I still saw the stitch as line, and loved the dimensional aspects of stitched fiber-although printmaking certainly can have it's dimensional aspects. Now I have moved into encaustics-layers of wax on board, and carve-able like printmaking. And then comes fiber into the wax. And again, in some cases stiching, like this encaustic monotype on fabric.

So….maybe my voice isn't really changing. Maybe it's just getting deeper and more resonante.


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