Web site, oh my


I spent the afternoon while working at the coop gallery, Art IN Hand, working on the gallery’s web site. Little by little I’m getting the hang of it, but it sure is alot of fiddling. Now I need to continue working on my website as well.

I’m listening with half an ear to the Quiltart list, interesting discussion about jurys and curators and shows. I do so like the comment that you just need to do the work. I have been lucky this summer to have worked pretty consistantly, although I’m in let down mode after the show was up and opened.

I can’t seem to get around to putting work on my website because I feel the next piece will be better, and then the next and the next. It’s too hard to stop and fiddle and photograph when I should just be doing the work. I’d love to know how others do it all!

So now, lets see if I can get some pictures from my show in Bloomington up on this blog!

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  1. It’s impossible to do it all. I keep thinking if I get more organized… but really, I’m learning to just do a little bit at at time on several different projects. Looks like you’re getting some good stuff done though!

  2. Hi, Carol!

    I really like your work – I’m sure your show will be a great success.

    One comment about your website, though. These old eyes had a *really* hard time reading the olive text on black background…

    Annie F.

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