Whew, survived Christmas

I’m sitting in the middle of my sewing studio, amazed at the chaos. I finished the 50th anniversary quilt, and it was a huge hit with my mother in law. I never got pictures, she bundled it up and put it in her pile of goodies, so as not to forget it. My daughter got some pictures, hopefully she will email me one. Okay, 9 1/2 years is a little long to have procrastinated! But my Pfaff Grand Quilter made the whole thing pretty easy, although I’m still on a learning curve. I don’t know if it will give me enough space to do my larger art quilts, but it made this queen sized quilt much easier to deal with. It takes lots less time to load up the frame then it does to baste with safety pins.

I have the urge to PITCH PITCH PITCH all of this STUFF! I’m trying to decide if I will regret ditching lots of things. Maybe I could drag it all over to the Indianapolis Art Center to use with classes. That way I could have it fairly close. Or not. Sigh.

I’ve joined the email list ‘Everyday Matters’ to encourage me to draw more. I’m not actually sure it is a good thing, as I spend way too much time on the computer as it is. And there are lots of messages, maybe as many as on Quiltart. Well, I can always skim and take what works.

Well, back to organizing and maybe pitching. Ribbon and yarn anyone?

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