Writing my bio

I am trying to write a bio for the SAQA newsletter. It’s much harder than doing the work! I have already put it off for way too long. At least I’ve figured out which photo of me and my work will be okay. Now to just knuckle down and do it!!

I’m liking my Pfaff Grand Quilter, I’m about a third of the way to finishing the 50th anniversary quilt for my husband’s parents. It will be done for Christmas, never mind that this year is their 60th. The quilting won’t win me any awards, but they will be so excited to sleep under the memories, that it will be fine. When I get it off the frame, I will include a photo.

Speaking of anniversaries, friday will be my 33rd . Time does fly!!

My printing day with Maria was a blast, although we talked more than printed. I’m hoping a great show will come out of this. Look for details.

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